Why you shouldn't be blogging weddings in the off season.

I've always been a firm believer that blogging weddings is the best way to generate inquiries for more weddings. It seems like every time I blog a wedding in the summer months, I get a little spike in inquiries in the 48 hours following to post.

Makes sense, right? Well, being a bit of a data nerd, I wanted to find out for sure if this was the case.

I've also noticed a trend in the industry, where a lot of photographers wait until the off season (winter) to blog all their weddings. I always thought this was a bit of a wasted opportunity, and have always made sure to blog a wedding immediately after finishing it. Why?

  • The wedding is still relatively fresh in peoples minds. You likely won't get as many views if it's old news.
  • The blog post is the first thing the couple will see other than teasers and are more inclined to share it.
  • The timing is perfect for people looking to book a wedding photographer.

Ok, let's look at some numbers to support this, especially that last point above.

For 2014, I received 195 wedding inquires and published 39 blog posts.

The first thing I wanted to determine was how far in advance people were inquiring about a wedding photographer.

The average time frame was 41 weeks before the wedding date. So about 9-10 months.

Time Between Inquiry and Wedding

Looking at this graph, most people start getting in touch 7-12 months before their wedding date. With most people getting married here in the summer, it makes sense to be actively blogging in late summer and early fall.

Now let's see how inquiries correlate with blog post timings.

Inquiries vs Blog Posts

There's the typical Christmas engagement spike in January, an interesting spike in March (mad panic to book for the summer?), but July to December is what I'm most interested in. This is when I was most active blogging, and you can see pretty much an exact mirroring between the number of blog posts and inquires.

Now this is nothing more than a VERY casual analysis of the data, but I feel pretty good about my decision to blog when I do.

Sure, it takes dedication, but with a speedy blogging workflow it's not too hard. Most of the time I can pump out a blog post while waiting for a full wedding to export from Lightroom.

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